Transparent Oven Door Guard

  • Reduces heat from oven doors by 50% to help protect against burns and scalds
  • Easy to fit using double sided heat-resistant suction pads
  • Transparent to enable you to still see into your oven whilst in use

Heat and children in the kitchen are a parent’s worst nightmare, so your hot oven is one of the most important areas of your kitchen you should not ignore. Reflective glass and oven lights are all that is needed to attract your toddler to your oven.

The Transparent Oven Door Guard is an effective, quick and simple solution that can be added to your oven door to help prevent burns and scalds to little hands and noses by reducing the rendered heat from your oven door by up to 50%. A sleek ingenious product and so easy to install: you simply wash and dry the five suction cups, attach them to your oven door and then attach the guard by firmly pressing. So within 20 seconds, you have a toddler-friendly cooker!   Made using a heat resistant transparent material, you will still be able to see into your oven whilst it is in use. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean and the guard can be removed easily when your child is old enough.

ClevaFact: 70% of visits to accident and emergency departments among children up to the age of five, are caused by accidents in the home. It only takes a split second for an accident to happen so let ClevaMama® help you to prevent rather than cure.







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