Top 5 Baby Apps

We love Apps,  we love them for everything: from cooking to traffic, booking a dinner table or shopping for sweatpants- so why not use them to help us with our babies.

Here’s a list of the Apps we liked the most:


Baby’s Musical Hands


As the name says already, Baby’s Musical Hands is a small musical app for babies.
The screen is separated in many colourful surfaces, which all have a different sound of music to it.
Just like in other music apps for babies, they can create some fun melodies and different sounds of music whilst touching the iPad screen. Every touch is accompanied with sparkling stars, which also attracts the attention of baby’s and toddlers additionally



The Bubbles application is made for toddlers who need a fun distraction. It brings the simple pleasure of popping bubbles to your phone.


Smart Tot rattle


Finally, a baby app that is specialized for the developmental psychology of the baby. This fantastic baby app has its attention on different kinds of brain stimulations and helps to increase the brain development.
Smart Tot Rattle, is a perfect baby app that will definitely support your babys development and be fun, soothing and entertaining at once!


Baby monitor Duo


“Baby Monitor Duo” by Kirstin Hofkens, has developed a brilliant Baby Monitor app with the newest technical possibilities and also with a video transmission, which makes her one of the modest and best Baby Monitor apps on the App Store so far.

It incorporates live streaming and a two-way communication system, so you can also talk to your child.

What a great innovation!


White noise baby


Sounds range from a car ride to a vacuum cleaner, all looped for seamless ongoing play, in this helpful app. Put it in Baby Mode to avoid naptime interruptions. Then turn your smart phone into a high-contrast rattle to soothe baby when you’re out and about.

So there it is, our top five! Have fun, and best of luck.

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